Did you know that staying hydrated is one of the key things you can do to support a healthy weight, support your skin, fight fatigue, fight headaches, and boost your immune system? 

Yes, there’s tons of reasons why you should drink more water but we all know sometimes it’s hard to remember, or sometimes water is just plain boring. Here’s some tips for you!

💧 Aim to drink half of your bodyweight (minimum) in ounces per day. That’s 65-80 oz a day for the average female.

💧 Get a reusable water bottle and carry it with you throughout the day. I prefer stainless steel or glass! 

💧 Add some flavor to your water with your vitality oils. Yes, any white labeled Young Living essential oil bottle that says “vitality” can be ingested, just add a drop or two to your water for amazing health benefits and added flavor! I love grapefruit or lime vitality in my water. 

💧 Set a reminder on your phone for every hour to remind you to drink more water! There’s also a fun app called “My Water Balance” that tracks your daily water consumption and sends you reminders.

How do you remember to drink more water? What’s your favorite oil to add to your beverages??