Where are my houseplant lovers at?

Do you have houseplants or do they totally intimidate you?

No matter if you love them or can’t keep them alive to save your life I have 4 quick tips to help you keep them alive and thriving.


  1. Aim to water them every 7-10 days in the summer months. Go a bit longer in the cooler temps.

  2. Check the soil, if it’s still moist from the last watering, skip it.

  3. Take the time to fertilize your plants with an organic fertilizer. I do this monthly.

  4. Fill up a spray bottle (mine is 16 oz) with water and add a few drops of thieves essential oil and lemon essential oil. I spray down the leaves and soil during each watering to help keep away fungus, bugs, etc. They work great as a natural pesticide!

 These are my 4 quick and easy tips for thriving houseplants. What tips and tricks do you have? Or if you are someone who is scared by the thought of houseplants are you more willing to give them a try now? I would love to hear from you. Drop your comments below.



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