Have you started homebrewing kombucha yet??

I’ve had so much fun fermenting with summer fruits! This past week I did a second ferment with fresh strawberries and basil. It’s been a big hit, packed with amazing flavor!

Here’s what I did:

1. I used a Vitamix (any blender or food processor will likely work fine) to “puree” my strawberries. I pureed a little less than a quart of fresh, organic strawberries.

2. When you’re ready to bottle your kombucha, line up your empty bottles at your clean, sanitized workspace.

3. Insert a funnel into the top of your empty bottles. Add enough pureed strawberries (via the funnel) to your empty bottles to cover about 1-2 inches of the bottom of the bottle.

4. Add your basil leaves. I added roughly 3 large basil leaves to each bottle.

5. Add your kombucha. Seal the bottle and store for your second fermentation. I do not recommend fermenting for more than 1 or 2 days. Also, I do not burp my bottles. I fermented this brew for about 1.5 days and immediately transferred to my refrigerator.

It had excellent fizz and flavor!

The next flavor combo that I am to do strawberry and mint!! What flavor combos would you like to see? What are your favorite kombucha flavor combos? Drop your comments below.