Are your someone who loves to pull out the Febreze or light a candle and fill the room with an amazing aroma? 


But I also want to make sure what I am using around my house in non-toxic. And let’s be honest candles are not ideal with kids running around. 

So I make my own room spray using essential oils. 

I was making another bottle of this easy DIY room spray recipe and thought I’d pass it along to you. When I got into oils, making my own room sprays was one of the first DIY’s I tried. It’s easy, inexpensive, no toxins and I get to make my own scents!


I buy glass spray bottles from Amazon or whole foods. I usually use 2 ounce bottles. Add 4-5 drops per essential oil, a splash of witch hazel (this helps the oil disperse) and fill rest of the way with water. That’s it!

Room spray blends:
Office blend: Rosemary + peppermint (for focus and alertness)
Bathroom spray: Purification + lemon (eliminates odor)
Linen spray: Lavender + gentle baby or lavender + orange, or lavender and peace and calming
Summer love: Tangerine, idaho blue spruce and geranium
Room refresh: Lime + lavender, or stress away and lavender

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