Who doesn’t want whiter teeth?

However, if you’re like me, most traditional at home whitening kits end up leaving your teeth sensitive, or even hurt your teeth. Plus they’re packed with some nasty ingredients. What’s a person to do?!

My coffee + red wine stained teeth needed a refresh ,so I went on the hunt for some all natural, DIY, easy to do at home remedies and now I am here to share them with you!


Did you know that orange essential oil helps whiten teeth?

You heard that right, the same oil that boost your mood, boosts your smile.

Add a drop to your toothpaste when you brush. Speaking of toothpaste, we’ve been Thieves dentarome ultra toothpaste. It’s an all natural toothpaste and packed with the immune boosting power of thieves essential oil. Look up the ingredients that are in most traditional toothpastes, you’ll be ready to make the switch!

Did you know that activated charcoal can help remove bacteria and stains from your teeth, balances the PH in your mouth and prevents cavities! I brush with activated charcoal once a week, just open up a few capsules into a small bowl, add water to your brush and swirl around in the charcoal to make a paste. Apply to teeth and let it sit on teeth for 2 minutes and then rinse!

These are my two ways to keep my teeth bright and white without damaging or using harmful chemicals! Now I want to turn it over to you, what are your natural teeth whitening tips?