As a mom who has time to wash their hair every day?

But did you know that washing your hair every single day can deplete your hair of its natural oils?

Your scalp needs those natural oils!

After a bit of a transition, and with the help of dry shampoo, my scalp and hair has adjusted to a less frequent washing routine.

I’m loving my DIY dry shampoo recipe. It’s easy, non-toxic and affordable!

The dry shampoo I was using previously had many harsh ingredients that after doing some research I learned could cause allergic reactions, disrupt my endocrine system and more. It was time to find an alternative!

My go to dry shampoo is an easy peasy recipe using my essential oils!

1/4 cup cornstarch 
1 T baking soda 
2 drops cedarwood
2 drops Rosemary 
2 drops Lavender

1. Mix to combine

2. Massage into hair to reduce oily hair and refresh.

PRO TIP: Add cocoa powder to recipe for darker hair!

It is truly as simple as that! Have your own DIY natural dry shampoo tips and tricks? Drop them in the comments below. Save the pin for later and share it with a friend.

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