Who makes their bed every, single morning?

How often do you wash your sheets?

I read an article recently that said you actually shouldn’t make your bed first thing in the morning, and you should give your sheets + bedding time to “air out”. This might sound creepy but hear me out…

“if you immediately make your bed with the sunrise, the tight sheets will trap millions of dust mites that live on your bed, feeding off your dead skin cells and sweat and potentially contributing to asthma and allergy problems. An unmade and open bed, however, exposes the creatures to fresh air and light and will help dehydrate and kill them off.”

Behold a DIY mattress cleaner.

This is easy to make, I spray my bedding down daily first thing in the morning before I makes my bed. It’s an easy recipe to make, it makes your room smell lovely, and further de-funkifies your bed.

4 oz water
5 drops lavender
5 drops tea tree
15 drops purification
2 oz thieves cleaner
Add to glass spray bottle and voila!

How easy is that? Once you try it out come back and let me know! Have questions, drop them in the comments below.

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