Hey hey! You’ve asked, here it is! Step by step instructions on how to make your very own, fancy vinyl roller labels, AT HOME. And no, you don’t need a cricut printer or a silhouette. All you need is a regular printer and some printable vinyl paper. Click here for the paper I’ve been using, and very happy with!

Step 1: Create your label design

You can create your design however you want, I’ve been designing my label using the app “over” directly on my iphone. I like all the different fonts and styles, you can even create a color background if you want to. Other design programs you can use include adobe photoshop, canva, etc.

Step 2: Export design from Over or other design program.

When you “save” your design, you’ll want it to be saved as a .png or a .jpg.

Step 3: Import design to a word processing program.

I import the design into Pages. Make sure you crop away any unwanted white space on the label design.

Step 4: Resize to the appropriate size to fit your bottle!

Depending on the program you’re using, it should give a measurement of the size as you resize it. I use Pages and it shows me as I am resizing.

Step 5: Copy / paste the design and arrange onto page to create your “sheet” of labels.

Step 6: Load paper into printer and hit print!

Step 7: Grab a scissors and get to cutting!

Step 8: Stick them labels on your roller! And enjoy!

P.S. I buy most of my rollers in bulk from http://www.perfumeoils.com