My love of houseplants began when I had my first home and couldn’t afford to majorly decorate. I loved that I could snag a houseplant from the grocery store for $10-15 and instantly add some color & texture to a space! Plus they have so many health benefits: they help purify the air, they are natural humidifiers, are said to improve mental health and reduce stress!

One of the most common questions I get asked is: what are the easiest houseplant to keep alive? I promise that these varieties are SO easy to take care of, they can handle it if you forget to water or don’t have the most ideal lighting conditions in your home!


 Pothos plant

Pothos plant

I have these all over our home. They are very inexpensive, grow trailing long vines that can easily be trimmed. They can handle a variety of lighting conditions. Allow soil to fully dry before watering. This plant works well in a hanging pot (macrame planter is fun) or you can even train it to climb (trellis or supporting object).


We have one of these at our vacation home that’s been alive for almost 20 years. Sometimes it sits for weeks without a proper watering. It can grow quite tall, up to 8 feet, so trim it like a bush if you don’t want it to grow that big. Prefers medium to bright light conditions, allow soil to completely dry out before watering.


I swear these plants can handle just about anything. They aren’t picky about lighting, prefer a dryer air, and can go quite awhile without watering.


This plant also favors dry air. Low light is ideal versus bright light for a peace lily. Don’t let the soil dry out, it does prefer moist soil. It grows beautiful dark leaves and white blooms, it’s a great plant for an office or space with minimal natural light.


This tree is from the same species as a ficus tree, and grows these gorgeous large dark leaves. It prefers medium to bright light, allow soil to dry slightly in between watering.

Do you have any houseplants? What are some of your favorites?