It’s that time of year, windows are open, there’s just a slight crisp to the air, kids are mostly back in school. Fall is upon us! I’m not quite ready to pack away my shorts & sandals, but I’m ready to bust out my favorite oils for fall. Oils are the easiest replacement for candles, not only do they smell incredible, they have many aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits.

Make your list for your next Young Living monthly (essential rewards) order, you can use your points to snag some of the pricier blends, I promise they are worth every penny.

Fall must haves: ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon bark, orange, cedarwood, northern lights black spruce, believe, sacred mountain, and of course THIEVES. Am I missing any?!


Stress away + cinnamon bark

Clove, orange + cedarwood

Northern lights black spruce + stress away

Clove, nutmeg + cinnamon bark

Orange, ginger + cinnamon bark

Cardamom, clove + ginger

Bergamot, orange + cedarwood

Thieves + orange

Bergamot + sacred mountain

Believe + orange

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