Hi! I’m Margaret!

I’m a holistic nutritionist  and root cause protocol consultant with a passion of helping women restore their hormones and improve their metabolisms through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplementation.

 I tried every diet and cleanse under the sun an effort to heal my health struggles. I was chasing symptoms, spending money on supplements that I had no idea whether or not they’d help me, continued to battle acne flareups, suffered through painful periods, and struggled to get pregnant.

I was anxious, bloated, and overwhelmed. But I was determined to heal. The good news is: my unrelenting pursuit of answers gave me the tools needed to help others heal for good.

I’ve had the honor of coming alongside hundreds of women who are searching for answers. I’ve helped them transform their relationship with food, and restore their metabolism, so they can get back the energy to show up for the things that matter most.

A little personal bio:

I’m a mom to two elementary-aged kiddos, my daughter is almost 9 and my son is 6.5 years old. They are both complete clones of my husband, Tyler and I. 

Tyler and I have been married for 12 years. We spend most of the year in Allentown, Pennsylvania and then enjoy traveling to our home in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania on weekends, holidays and during the summer. 

I didn’t grow up in wellness-minded home. I didn’t have the privilege of having access to quality foods, holistic remedies… mindfulness & managing stress was virtually impossible as a child and young adult. 

My drive for health, energy, and taking care of myself came out of desperation and necessity. I endured years of trauma as a child and young adult facing things that most people never have to deal with in their life.

 The years of stress and trauma and stuffing my emotions and putting on a brave face, and over working myself, finally caught up to me in my late 20’s when Tyler and I decided to start having kids.

I spent most of my early 30’s unlearning the toxic habits of diet culture, recovering my body after 10 years of hormonal birth control, and learning how to truly nourish my body from the inside out. 

I share this to encourage you that if I can do it, you can too. I reflect on how far God carried me, every single day, and remind myself on those hard days (we all have them), that it’s all a part of my story. It’s truly an honor that I get to serve & show up for women (and their families) in this way. 


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