Certified Nutritionist

I help women restore their hormones and improve their metabolisms with nutrition and lifestyle habits. I help YOU say goodbye to burnout, exhaustion and food obsession.

It’s important to me that my clients have energy to show up for the things that are important to them the most.

Food can be complicated, conflicting and confusing. Add in allll the noise from the health & wellness industry, and well, it’s just overwhelming. I know this because I lived it. 

I was the girl that chased symptoms for years. Acne, painful periods, irregular cycles, wonky digestion, fertility struggles, low energy, bouts of depression, and no sex drive. 

I was a master “googler” of all the things, and had tried cutting gluten, dairy, and sugar in an effort to heal my symptoms. I’ve tried plant-based, celery juicing, intermittent fasting,  low carb. You name it, I’ve tried it.  

 My relationship with food sucked and my hormones were still a wreck. 

It wasn’t until I discovered pro-metabolic (metabolism supportive) principles that it really clicked for me. Most of the “healthy” foods I was eating were suppressing my hormones and metabolism.  

I had no idea how much my restricted eating, over-exercising, and high stress lifestyle were making my health issues worse.

Once I dove in learned how to nourish & fuel my body, my health began to change.

My menstrual cycle became regular, my skin started to clear, my energy returned, my sex drive came back, and my relationship with food dramatically improved.

Today, I get to help women do the same thing.

Here’s the thing: what we are doing now isn’t working. Women are stressed out, facing hormonal struggles such as infertility, low energy, zero sex drive. 

Diet culture sure as heck doesn’t give us accurate depictions of what it means to be a healthy woman.  

Our role models are exhausted moms and ultra skinny models- don’t even get me started on air brushing & face filters.

It’s not right that we aren’t taught more about our femininity, and how to truly tune in with our bodies. 


 It’s not right that most of what we’ve learned about food has been in an effort to shrink our bodies, to conform to a cultural standard that for most women, is impossible to achieve. 

I’ve learned that knowledge is power. And that we can do better, when we know better. 

I help my clients find flexibility. I help them implement new routines. I teach them how to tune in with their body and have a healthier menstrual cycle. I empower them with tools and a mindset that    


My Favorites

for fun

Sourdough bread baking, walking my dog, dance parties with my kids, time outdoors. 


3 wing 4.

2 truths + A lie 

I’ve never lived alone. I once dyed my hair purple. The sound of someone chewing their food drives me crazy. 


Armchair Expert,  Dear Jenna, Rhythms for Life, The Angie Lee Show, Unlocking Us. 

if i had to eat one food everyday for the rest of my life…

It would absolutely, positively be a freshly baked slice of sourdough bread, with raw butter & sea salt. 


Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Johnnyswim, Elevation Worship, Hillsong United, Khalid, Alicia Keys, Surfaces.