Get a clear and accurate picture of what’s working and what’s not for your body backed by real data. 

92% of Americans are living with a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Are you one of them?

For many, that means painful periods, chronic exhaustion, unexplained weight gain, and simply feeling off as an everyday reality. Our bodies are literally starved for minerals. And widespread overuse of medications isn’t helping. Many pharmaceuticals only make it harder to absorb what few essential nutrients we do get. 

The consequences of living with mineral imbalances are serious. Chronic imbalances can lead to metabolic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, thyroid disease, and elevate your risk for certain cancers.

So how can you know if a mineral deficiency is behind your symptoms? And what can you do to fix it, before it’s too late?

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is the first step.

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HTMA Testing reveals what traditional doctors miss (and why nothing you try seems to work!)

Maybe your blood tests came back normal, but you know something is wrong. Or you’ve been exercising and consistently eating “clean”, but you still feel like crap. Either way, one thing is for sure: you’re not feeling as good as you should, and you can’t figure out why

An HTMA is a type of functional lab test that uncovers what traditional blood tests can’t: the root cause of your health problems so you can solve them once and for all. 

That’s because it goes deeper than traditional lab work to measure the presence of 29 minerals and 8 heavy metals in your body that have a HUGE impact on your health. These elements directly affect your: 

  • metabolic rate 
  • adrenal and thyroid function 
  • hormone levels 
  • nervous system functioning 
  • inflammation 
  • energy levels 
  • mental health status 
  • liver function 
  • blood sugar levels 
  • digestion  
  • immune system

Restoring your vitamins and minerals can change your life.

When your minerals are balanced, you can experience: 

  • Energy that lasts all day

  • Supported fertility / easier periods

  • Easier digestion, reduce bloating, consistent bowel movements and more

  • Restful sleep

  • No more cravings

  • Better mental health, less anxiety, less feeling irritable and on edge all day long

  • Healthier hair, skin and nails

Here’s how we will get you there…

A Proven Process for Deep Healing

.My Reveal & Restore package offers a holistic, individualized approach to tackling your specific health challenges. No restrictive diets, harsh workouts, or medicative bandaids here. Instead, you’ll get: 

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) + Zoom Consult

Includes cost of HTMA (valued at $99), which has a 2 week turnaround time from the lab.

Once we receive your test results (takes about 2 weeks from the time you send your hair into the lab), I send you a video interpretation of your test results. After you’ve reviewed your results, we meet for a 60 minute Zoom call to review final protocol and answer your questions.

Includes access to online modules to help you get started on foundational habits, address your nutrition, how to support healthy blood sugar, and more while we wait for your test results.

You’ll get a better understanding of your body and the knowledge you need to care for it.

Personalized Lifestyle Support Plan for Holistic Healing

Now that we know exactly what your body needs to thrive, it’s time to build a life that supports it. I’ll assess every aspect of your health to create a tailored-to-you guide so you can get back to doing the things that you love. We address many aspects of your health including your cycle, digestion, exercise habits, nutrition, sleep, stress levels and more.

3o Day Follow Up Support

Making changes can be tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. Message me through your private client portal for up to 30 days after your consultation to get immediate feedback, answers, and support.

Bonus: Access to Discounted Supplements

I take a food-first approach to health, but sometimes your body needs a little extra help. As part of my Reveal & Restore Program, you’ll get exclusive access to a supplement dispensary where you can pay less for high-quality supplements that your body isn’t able to get through food alone.

Margaret Powell is NOT a medical practitioner / doctor. The intention is not to diagnose, promise to cure or treat your health issues. Remember that your symptoms can be a result of years of stress and metabolic dysfunction, you didn’t get here overnight, your healing journey will not happen overnight. For many, this is a process that can take months, if not years to see a transformation. My goal is to equip YOU to take your healing into your own hands.

You get all of this for $599

or 3 monthly payments of $199.

Here’s what my clients & students are saying:

“First of all I need to start by saying that working with Margaret has been life changing. I started working with Margaret after over a year of crash dieting followed by struggling to get pregnant for six months. She immediately helped me implement lifestyle and supplement changes. I so appreciate that she was able to give me some sort of direction before my HTMA test came back. She helped me balance my diet and workout plans. She was also a constant cheerleader for me as I was healing. Just a few weeks after making the changes Margaret suggested I got PREGNANT! Woohoo!! Not only did a reach my main goal, but I felt more energy and less controlled by food. Huge wins for me! I so appreciate how Margaret would check in on me and was my friend through the whole process. I also LOVED her course Fueled and Free and HIGHLY recommend it. If you’re looking to heal your body in a stable way, someone to be your friend through the process, AND get results – Margaret is your gal! I couldn’t be more thankful!”  – Emie L.

“I’ve spent years not knowing why my body needed things that other people didn’t. For example, why couldn’t I fast, go hours without eating, exercise on an empty stomach, or feel energized during my period? (Especially when other health coaches and fitness instructors promote these things.) Fueled & Free finally made me feel like what I experience actually makes sense.”—Natalie M.


I’m Margaret—a certified holistic nutritionist and root cause protocol consultant, and I’ve been where you are. 

For years, I chased symptoms trying to find the magic cure for my painful periods, acne, gut issues, and low energy levels after years of being on hormonal birth control. I went to my doctor, ordered traditional blood labs, and was told “everything looks fine!” I was then offered birth control, which I declined and went on my way to figure it out myself.

I tried intermittent fasting, celery juicing, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and had a terrible relationship with food. Nothing worked. I still had irregular periods, awful digestion, and painful acne.

I became obsessed with understanding how God designed the female metabolism and the role that our diet and lifestyle plays in our overall health. I devoured books, went back to school for nutrition and learned how to replenish my very depleted body. 

My menstrual cycle stabilized, my skin cleared, I was able to eat ice cream with my kids again, my sex drive returned, and my anxiety diminished.

Today, I have the honor of helping women heal and restore their health. Let’s make better sleep, more energy, better moods, better digestion, an everyday reality for you too! 

Save Thousands of Dollars & Gain Clarity Today 

95% of my clients have spent a few thousand dollars trying to solve their health challenges on their own before working with me. With Reveal & Restore, you can skip the expensive supplements, cleanses and random diets that don’t work.

Stop spinning your wheels with appointments that end with “everything looks normal,” and quick fixes that only make things worse. I know what it’s like to try to figure it out on your own. It’s time to break free from the overwhelm and use science-backed data to feel better again.

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