“Since starting my healing and supplement routine I have noticed my body temperature has warmed up! I used to always have cold hands or feet or always feel freezing in the AC but now I feel like my limbs are more consistent and I don’t feel cold all the time! I also have a very regular bowel movement in the mornings and my metabolism feels a lot higher. I notice when it has been 3-4 hours since eating and feel like I have more energy the whole day! My favorite part has to be the adrenal cocktails though, they make me feel so good and I look forward to drinking one instead of my midday coee. My menstrual cycle has evened out and I am now synced with the full moon (kinda cool). I am still working on being cramp free for each cycle though. Another really awesome testimony is that when my husband or other family members have gotten sick I have had very little if any symptoms. I feel like my body is stronger and healthier!”

– Sadie C. 

“First of all I need to start by saying that working with Margaret has been life changing. I started working with Margaret after over a year of crash dieting followed by struggling to get pregnant for six months. She immediately helped me implement lifestyle and supplement changes. I so appreciate that she was able to give me some sort of direction before my HTMA test came back. She helped me balance my diet and workout plans. She was also a constant cheerleader for me as I was healing. Just a few weeks after making the changes Margaret suggested I got PREGNANT! Woohoo!! Not only did a reach my main goal, but I felt more energy and less controlled by food. Huge wins for me! I so appreciate how Margaret would check in on me and was my friend through the whole process. I also LOVED her course Fueled and Free and HIGHLY recommend it. If you’re looking to heal your body in a stable way, someone to be your friend through the process, AND get results – Margaret is your gal! I couldn’t be more thankful!”

– Emie L. 

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