For the woman tired of doing everything “right” and still doesn’t feel her best.

Get to the root cause of your symptoms with functional lab testing so you can bring your body back to balance—without giving up the foods you love or wasting your money on random supplements.

Let me guess…

Your blood work came back normal, yet you don’t feel “normal.”

That’s because traditional blood tests fail to identify what functional lab testing can: the root cause of issues experienced by so many women— like persistent acne, painful periods, fertility struggles, problems with digestion, headaches, low energy levels, and more.

What traditional medicine does identify typically gets prescribed medications that only suppress—not heal—your symptoms.

You’re not crazy. Your symptoms are not all in your head.

I’m Margaret—a certified holistic nutritionist and root cause protocol consultant, and I’ve been where you are. 

For years, I chased symptoms trying to find the magic cure for my painful periods, acne, gut issues, and low energy levels after years of being on hormonal birth control. I went to my doctor, ordered traditional blood labs, and was told “everything looks fine!” I was then offered birth control, which I declined and went on my way to figure it out myself.

I tried intermittent fasting, celery juicing, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and had a terrible relationship with food. Nothing worked. I still had irregular periods, awful digestion, and painful acne.

I became obsessed with understanding how God designed the female metabolism and the role that our diet and lifestyle plays in our overall health. I devoured books, went back to school for nutrition and learned how to replenish my very depleted body. 

My menstrual cycle stabilized, my skin cleared, I was able to eat ice cream with my kids again, my sex drive returned, and my anxiety diminished.

Today, I have the honor of helping women heal and restore their health. Let’s make better sleep, more energy, better moods, better digestion, an everyday reality for you too! 

Let’s restore your metabolism and balance your body for real relief.

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Access functional lab testing, a personalized plan, and individualized support to bring your body back to balance– for good.   

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Join the hundreds of women who are saying goodbye to cramps, bloating, fatigue & period problems without birth control, random supplements or restrictive diets. 

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 what my students & clients are saying:

“I am sleeping better, less fatigued, my period is a breeze, my skin is clearer—and best of all—I don’t feel restricted or confused around food anymore!”—Colleen Van Ee

“I’m making strides and already feeling so much better! I’m empowered with the knowledge needed to not only fuel my body but my family’s bodies as well”. —Heather G.

“I have improved my gut health, am experiencing better quality sleep, no headaches, and no more brain fog. I have no cravings for sweets and balanced energy throughout the day (no more dependency on caffeine!).”—Jenna G.

“My cravings disappeared! I no longer struggle with binging, and I’m full for longer. Overall, this course validated everything I have personally experienced with my body.”—Natalie M.

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